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Screenshot from TBS report on WeRide driverless car

Can fully autonomous driving be realized in China with the world’s largest automobile market and also the most complicated traffic conditions?

China is investing heavily in smart innovation of automobiles and is reopening its economy and bringing life back to normal at the fastest speed against the backdrop of the pandemic. Will these give China a lead in the commercialization of autonomous driving technology?

With these questions in mind, during Beijing Auto Show held in early Oct, NHK and TBS, two major TV media from Japan came and visited WeRide, the first company in the country to test fully driverless cars and conducted in-depth news reports on the latest development in China’s smart automotive undertaking and the commercialization of autonomous driving. …

(October 9th, 2020, Guangzhou, China) The just ended 8-day long holiday celebrating the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival has witnessed moderate festivity on part of the Chinese people under Covid-19 outbreak. WeRide’s Robotaxi operation in Huangpu District, Guangzhou has, as usual, offered uninterrupted and publicly accessible service with adjusted amount of capacity to residents who chose to spend their holiday locally and to tourists visiting Huangpu.

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WeRide Robotaxi

During the long holiday, hundreds of passengers experienced WeRide’s Robotaxi service for the first time through the WeRide Go APP and Alibaba’s Amap within the 144-square-kilometer operating area in Huangpu. From 8 am to 10 pm everyday, WeRide saw 17.9 orders per day for each Robotaxi, with an average service duration of 22 minutes and an average service mileage of 6.9 …

(September 10th, 2020, Guangzhou, China) Villages in the city (ViCs), China’s formerly rural areas that have been taken over by the country’s growing cities, have never been the most desirable driving destinations. Traffic rules barely apply in their congested streets, while self-driving machines also meet challenges to function properly. Today, however, WeRide’s self-driving cars can cruise safely in ViCs with no human intervention.

WeRide’s self-driving road tests have been running for more than 900 days, reaching an autonomous driving mileage of 2.8 million kilometers and providing rides for nearly 90,000 people. In Guangzhou, WeRide’s publicly accessible Robotaxi service has been operating for over 200 days with zero accidents. …



WeRide is a smart mobility company that creates leading L4 autonomous driving technologies. www.weride.ai

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