CES 2023: WeRide released a new-generation autonomous driving sensor suite WeRide SS 5.1

3 min readJan 9, 2023

WeRide, one of the leading autonomous driving technology companies, launched its brand new sensor suite WeRide SS 5.1 for L2+/L3 advanced driver assistance applications at CES 2023. Based on multiple sensor sets, WeRide SS 5.1 integrates high-resolution semi-solid LiDAR, blind spot LiDAR and high-precision cameras, providing a 360-degree Field of View (FoV) with a front detection range of up to 200 meters. This sensor suite can also be adapted to L4 autonomous driving with its excellent perception capabilities.

WeRide SS 5.1 inherits the distributed design concept of WeRide’s autonomous driving sensor suite, and goes a step further towards separation, miniaturization, and compactness to meet the mass production requirements for L3 advanced driving. It is also easily configurable to support autonomous driving applications from L2 to L4, benefiting as a result, the significantly reduced adjustment and maintenance costs.

The roof sensor set of WeRide SS 5.1 adopts a streamlined “wing” design, which largely reduces wind resistance while driving. With distinguishable appearance spelling enhanced features, this design is more compatible to the original design concept of mass-produced vehicle models.

In addition to the improvement of the hardware modules, WeRide SS 5.1 is also fulfilled with a major upgrade in the in-car visual interface. The visualized representation brings a better ride experience to the passengers by providing a clearer and more intuitive description of the driving status.

As a product tailor-made for L3 advanced driving, WeRide SS 5.1 meets the mass production requirements by further optimizing the size, power consumption and cost, meanwhile maintaining WeRide’s industry-leading autonomous driving performance and full safety redundancy. Besides, WeRide SS 5.1 exhibits a high level of self-adaptation to various driving scenarios, no matter in open roads of downtown Las Vegas, or busy and narrow streets of Guangzhou.

Empowered by WeRide One, a one-for-all and all-for-one autonomous driving technology platform developed by the company, the iteration cycle from WeRide SS 5.0 to WeRide SS 5.1 was significantly shortened. Compared to WeRide SS 5.1, WeRide SS 5.0 is designed for Level 4 autonomous driving applications.

Up to now, WeRide has accumulated more than 13 million kilometers of autonomous driving mileage on open roads. The company has formed a diversified commercialization strategy championing “1 platform + 3 scenarios + 5 products”. For L4 autonomous driving, WeRide’s products cover Robotaxi, Mini Robobus, Robovan and Robo Street Sweeper. As for L2+/L3 advanced driving, WeRide has formed a strategic partnership with Bosch, the top Tier 1 supplier for automotive OEMs. Their co-developed L2+/L3 advanced driving products and services are set to achieve SOP this year.




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