China’s First Robotaxi Passenger Survey Report

Click here to download full report in pdf

Part 1 WeRide Robotaxi’s Passenger Profile

Mainly young and middle-aged, nearly 30% are weekly Robotaxi riders

Part 2 WeRide Robotaxi’s Riding Experience

High passenger satisfaction with the expectation for a better self-driving ride experience

Part 3 Robotaxi Travel Efficiency Closer to Traditional Transport

Robotaxi has become an effective alternative to traditional transport means. As we enter the self-driving era, development of demand-responsive bus services becomes a new opportunity.

Part 4 Landscape of Future Mobility Service to Be Transformed by Robotaxi

Publicly accessible Robotaxi operation is fueling the public’s preference for the service in the future. The number of private cars will go into steady decline and the era of fully driverless service is on the horizon.



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