Hit the Road, the Self-driving Tests Hardly Seen (Episode 1)

The traffic conditions in downtown area in China’s Tier-1 cities are complicated. How challenging they could be? “Hit the Road, the Self-driving Tests Hardly Seen” is a video series on exclusive self-driving road tests produced by WeRide’s engineers. They will demonstrate a collection of very complex and challenging scenarios from a variety of real cases and analyze how WeRide’s robotaxis cope with them in a smart and graceful manner, without any disengagement.

In Episode 1, our robotaxi was driving in heavy rains at night in Guangzhou, China. It encountered a mixed flow of trucks, vans, cars, buses, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians. Follow WeRide’s engineer to discover what happened next.

Knowhow of Self-Driving Tech

Human beings have supreme sensitivity when driving, while their attention span is subject to high variability, resulting in high rate of traffic accidents. In contrast, robot driving sustains unlimitedly long and stable attention span with powerful perception, prediction, planning and control technology. As hardware and algorithm evolve, robot driving will ultimately surpass human beings.