Kr Asia’s report on WeRide: This startup vows to have fully driverless robotaxis available to the public by 2021

Kr Asia, an English publication of renowned Chinese media 36氪, interviewed with Li about WeRide’s advanced approach in self-driving technology innovation, and its “hard to imagine” progress in robotaxi as a young startup.

The article also makes vivid comparison among WeRide, Aptiv, Waymo, Baidu and other companies. WeRide is one of the only 2 in the world provide robotaxi service open to the general public besides Aptiv.

At the end, Li concludes that WeRide could roll out truly driverless robotaxi services, without safety operators, by 2021, adding that “we’re sure to be the first one to make it.”



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WeRide is a global leading Level 4 autonomous driving technology company, bringing smart cities with new products, new business model and new experience.