WeRide Compares China-US Road Test Data

Autonomous driving technology is a global technology that can be adapted to different areas and cities, but are there regional differences in the development process of this technology?

WeRide, a leading L4-level autonomous driving company in China, recently screened hundreds of hours of data from road tests conducted in Guangzhou, China, and Silicon Valley in 2019. WeRide collected and summarized the data, analyzing the number of objects detected per mile by each autonomous road test car, the number of interaction scenarios, the number of cyclists riding against traffic, etc. It was found that road tests in Guangzhou were 30 times more efficient than those in Silicon Valley.

China’s roads and traffic conditions are extremely complex. WeRide always puts safety first in its testing and operation. By accumulating more and better data in China for model training, WeRide can quickly iterate more stable autonomous driving systems. As of April, WeRide’s autonomous fleet surpassed 100 vehicles, and has safely operated a fleet of Robotaxi services for over 100 days.



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