WeRide Named Top 10 to Fortune 2023 Change the World List

4 min readNov 7, 2023

New York, September 27, 2023 — Fortune magazine released its “2023 Change the World” list, featuring 59 companies which make a positive impact on the world’s environment and society. WeRide, a leading global autonomous driving technology company, ranked eighth on the list. Among the top 10, Tesla and General Motors ranked 1st.

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This marks the ninth year of Fortune magazine publishing the “Change the World” list. The 59 companies on the list have gained worldwide recognition for their positive impact on the global environment or society through sustainable revenue strategies, innovative business operations, and remarkable ESG contributions. In terms of geographical distribution, 34 companies are from North America, 11 from Europe, 8 from Asia and Australia, 3 from Africa, and 3 from South America.

This year’s list is led by companies at the forefront of the electric vehicle and autonomous driving innovation. WeRide stood out globally with its robust autonomous driving technology, diverse autonomous driving commercialization, and ongoing contributions to social welfare. It showcased its achievements by addressing issues such as reducing traffic congestion and traffic accidents, solving aging population problems & upgrading labor force structures, promoting green and clean energy applications, and supporting carbon neutrality goals.

WeRide Robotaxi

As the first company in China to launch commercial operations of Robotaxis, WeRide has been operating Robotaxis for over 1,300 days without causing any safety accidents. At the same time, WeRide has deployed Robobuses in 19 cities worldwide, providing local residents with a convenient, comfortable, and smart transportation option.

WeRide Robobus

Currently, WeRide has a fleet of over 600 autonomous driving vehicles, all of which are electric. Among them, WeRide’s Robosweepers can fully autonomously perform road cleaning, dust suppression, and disinfection tasks. On average, each Robosweeper can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 10,000 kilograms per month.

WeRide Robosweeper

While rapidly advancing its technological development and commercial expansion, WeRide continues to fulfill its social responsibility. For example, WeRide offers autonomous driving experiences and study tours to young students, especially those from less developed areas. It has also established deep connections with well-known domestic and international universities, allowing students to experience the charm of technology and nurturing more high-potential talents for the industry.

Being selected for the “2023 Change the World” List means both an honor and a responsibility for WeRide. The company will continue to forge ahead, bringing more positive impact to the world through technological breakthroughs, commercial applications, and charitable practices, ultimately transforming urban living with autonomous driving.

For Fortune’s release, please click below: https://fortune.com/company/weride/change-the-world/.

About WeRide

Established in 2017, WeRide is a leading, commercial-stage global company that develops Level 4 autonomous driving technologies. It is the first and only technology company in the world that holds driverless test permits in China, the U.S. and the UAE. WeRide aims to develop safe and reliable driverless solutions to make our mobility and transportation safer, more affordable, and accessible.

WeRide has been a pioneer in accelerating the commercialization of autonomous driving technologies and services around the world, ranking №1 among all the autonomous driving players in the world by its revenue. Through strategic alliances with leading OEMs, Tier1 players, and logistics service platforms, WeRide offers an all-rounded product mix of Robotaxi, Robobus, Robosweeper, Robovan and Advanced Driving Assistance Systems to provide services including online ride-hailing, on-demand transport, and intra-city logistics.

WeRide is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, and has expanded its R&D and operation centers to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuxi, as well as San Jose, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore, doing autonomous driving test and operations in 26 cities worldwide. WeRide has formed partnerships with top-tier global OEMs including Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Yutong Group and GAC Group, etc.

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WeRide is a global leading Level 4 autonomous driving technology company, bringing smart cities with new products, new business model and new experience.