WeRide received approval to launch a paid service of fully driverless Robotaxis in Beijing

3 min readNov 24, 2023


Beijing, November 17, 2023 — WeRide received the notice to launch a commercial pilot operation of fully driverless Robotaxi from Beijing Intelligent Connected Vehicle Policy Piolt Zone (hereinafter referred to as “Pilot Zone”), which is called “driverless inside the vehicle and remote monitoring outside the vehicle” stage. This means WeRide can now provide a charging service of fully driverless Robotaxis to the public in Yizhuang, Beijing.

Since being approved to carry out driverless road test in the Pilot Zone in October 2022, WeRide has gradually got the permits to carry out “unmanned remote stage” demonstration application, high-speed road testing to and back from the airport, and now the commercial pilot operation, marking a leading development speed in the autonomous driving industry.

(Citizens in Beijing experienced WeRide’s fully driverless Robotaxi)

After the service is open to the public, citizens can hail a WeRide’s Robotaxi within the designated area via WeRide Go App and view the estimated cost in real time. The Robotaxis will arrive at the designated pick-up point, and passengers need to verify their identity by scanning the QR code before getting in the car. The service scope of WeRide’s Robotaxis covers popular destinations such as core subway stations, residential areas, key business districts, office and industrial parks, etc., with a total of 242 pick-up and drop-off stops. One Robotaxi can serve 1–3 passengers at a time, operating from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm.

(WeRide’s fully driverless Robotaxi)

WeRide has always been a leader in the area of Robotaxi. In November 2018, WeRide, in collaboration with Guangzhou Baiyun Taxi Group, launched China’s first Robotaxi. In November 2019, WeRide launched the nation’s first commercial Robotaxi service in Guangzhou. To date, WeRide has completed more than 1,400 days of commercial Robotaxi operation without any proactive accidents.

WeRide’s rich experience on Robotaxi operation has also been applied overseas, providing a strong foundation for the company’s global expansion. In November 2021, WeRide and its UAE partner Bayanat launched Robotaxi services on Yas Island and Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, bringing a new travel experience to local citizens and tourists. So far, they have completed nearly 20,000 customer orders and won unanimous praise from local users.

Based on WeRide’s solid technical capabilities and high product and service quality, on July 3 this year, the Prime Minister of the UAE announced that the UAE’s first autonomous driving test license was issued to WeRide, which is the first national-level driverless license in the Middle East and even in the world.

(WeRide’s Robotaxis are all EVs, and the interior space is quiet and comfortable)

In the future, WeRide will continue to increase the number of Robotaxis, add popular pick-up and drop-off stops, and accelerate the commercialization of various types of self-driving products such as Robobus, Robosweeper and Robovan, to create an efficient and convenient travel ecosystem for local citizens and make driverless services within reach of everyone.

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