WeRide releases brand new generation of sensor suite WeRide SS 5.0

4 min readJun 8, 2022


(8th June, 2022, Guangzhou, China) WeRide, the world’s leading L4 autonomous driving technology company, has released a new generation of autonomous driving sensor suite — — WeRide Sensor Suite 5.0 (WeRide SS 5.0), announcing that its Robotaxi fleet carrying the new sensor suite has been fully tested and begun trial operation. Integrated with powerful performance and cutting-edge design, WeRide SS 5.0 is flexible to connect to different vehicle models with higher efficiency and at lower cost, accelerating the commercialization of WeRide Robotaxies.

A Driverless Robotaxi equipped with WeRide SS 5.0

WeRide SS 5.0 carries out WeRide’s design concept of “WeFusion”, following the principles of seamless integration, modular structure, and distributed layout to challenge once again the boundary of Robotaxi design. WeRide SS 5.0 realizes the best intelligent driving with top notch software and hardware technologies.

As the “Eyes of self-driving”, WeRide SS 5.0 embodies 12 cameras and 7 solid-state LiDARs, which constitute 6 sensor sets, installed at different locations of the car body. The autonomous driving (AD) sensor suite is integrated with the car, keeping the maximum shape of the car as original while achieving 360 degrees sensing capability.

WeRide SS 5.0 overlook diagram

Based on sufficient testing verification and solid support from strategic partners, WeRide has accumulated rich experience in applying solid-state LiDAR to Robotaxi, resulting in best-in-class solutions. WeRide SS 5.0 applies 7 automotive grade solid-state LiDARs located on the roof front, rear wing and around the body of the car, reducing dramatically the size of the suite and delivering better reliability.

Among them, the Roof Front Sensor Set is equipped with 3 solid-state LiDARs, 5 mid-range cameras and 2 long-range cameras, avoiding the bulky shape of multi sensor suite, presenting smooth and elegant curves from all angles. The Rear Wing Sensor Set is equipped with 1 solid-state LiDAR and 1 mid-range camera, which is perfectly hidden in the body of the car, complement of the Roof Front Sensor Set, covering perception at the rear. The Blind Spot Sensor Set around the car is composed of multiple blind spot LiDARs and fisheye cameras. Total 6 sensor sets constitute WeRide SS 5.0’s revolutionary design.

Close-up of WeRide SS 5.0’s roof sensors and sensors around the body of the car

Based on further optimization of the compute platform, WeRide SS 5.0 can run stably on a wide range of compute capability from 250 to 500 TOPS, achieving lower power consumption and maximum performance.

Compared with WeRide’s previous sensor suite, the size and weight of WeRide SS 5.0 is further reduced: the height of the Roof Front Sensor Set is shorter by 66%, the thickness is reduced by 15%, and the overall weight is 17% less.

WeRide SS 5.0’s Roof Front Sensor Set

WeRide SS 5.0 gives the vehicle a powerful perception capability with a radius of over 200 meters and 360° blind-spots free, realizing the reduction of volume and power consumption, reacting accurately and stably to China’s increasing complexity of urban traffic.

WeRide SS 5.0’s Rear Wing Sensor Set

The launch of WeRide SS 5.0 is not only the fastest sensor suite upgrade in WeRide’s history, but also one of the biggest breakthroughs — — hardware iteration from mechanical LiDAR to solid-state LiDAR, transitioning from single roof module to split sub-modules.

The answer to resolve autonomous driving sensor suite’s dual challenge of performance and design relies on WeRide’s cutting edge exploration and first-hand experience in purposed-built and mass-produced AD vehicles. WeRide ONE platform is widely used in the five major AD products, around 23 cities worldwide. The underlying framework is maturing with strong adaptability and stability. Over years of AD practice, WeRide has gradually formed a set of production system to meet the needs of R&D, mass production and commercialization.

A driverless Robotaxi empowered by WeRide SS 5.0

WeRide has accumulated more than 11 million kilometers of public road AD mileage, and more than 2.8 million kilometers of driverless mileage, forming WeRide ONE, the platform of “one system for five major products”. It covers Robotaxi, Mini Robobus, Robovan, Robo Street Sweeper and SAE L2-L4 advanced driving solutions. WeRide SS 5.0 further unleashes the potential of L4 AD technology from WeRide, going beyond concept but also ready for large-scale testing and deployment, reflecting WeRide’s global-leading technology and excellent product power.

WeRide SS 5.0 has achieved a ground-breaking balance in AD performance, flexibility, and cost control for mass production. In the process of continuous exploration, WeRide adheres to strategic cooperation, attracting more partners from the ecosystem, joint together to create the industry’s first-class AD products for users and customers.




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